Scorrier House

About Scorrier House

The amazing grounds of Scorrier House here in Cornwall, are a great place to take part in any sporting event.The taste and land have an important part in Cornish history – the house was originally built in the early 1780 s by the sucessful mining tycoon John Williams – and you will find the Williams family still residing many generations later – in-fact seven generations later. 

The Perfect Surrounding

The Williams Family The Williams family have a long history in industry, they where renowned for their love of horses and In the year1845, Michael Williams is said to have rode nonstop all the way from Exeter to Redruth in order to beat the super fast Quicksilver Mail coach, at the time said to be carrying news of a massive surge in Tin  and Copper prices. He managed to quickly overtake the stage coach and bought up all available mineral rights making a tremendous fortune along the way. 

A little about

Forward many years and you find the House and Estate accommodates a variety of businesses, but Scorrier House remains a private family home in the hands of Richard and Caroline Williams, horses – and Dog..

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